Celtic Cable Wrap

Knitting the Caron Celtic Cable Wrap and need clarity on the instructions. Says to continue in pattern, ok 4th row would follow 2nd row? Panel are the same for row 1 and 3 (B/A/C) but differ for row 2 (C/A/B). Don’t want to have to undo and start again. Thanks.

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Sounds like cable panel A is only a 2 row cable but cable panels B and C are at least 4 row (or more) rows? Is that ccorrect?
If so for row 4, work 4th row of cable panel C, 2nd row of cable panel A and 4th row of cable panel B
Maybe this pattern?


Attached is the link to the pattern. Am thinking for row 4 I’d follow pattern for row 2 and doing the 4th row of each panel. How do you interpret the instructions? Thanks.

Thanks for the link. It’s a lovely wrap.
Yes, that’s how to proceed for row 4, with the 4th row of the cable patterns.