Celtic cable neckwarmer pattern chart help

i am having a hard time figuring out how to read the chart.:doh: i understand i have to read it from down right corner. Crossed Fingers
i am looking at this
to make this

so for the first row i will sl1,k1,p2 , [slip2 on cn and hold it back,knit next 2, and p2 from needle]. so my first question is am i reading the chart correctly. if i was do the first row from the chart will that way it start?

second question is when it says hold to the front, and hold to the back. which is which? is the work facing me is front or the other side is front?

please help.

I just made this pattern-just need to sew on my buttons.

The answer to your first question is yes, that is the way to start.

For your second question, I am assuming that you mean where do you hold the cable needle. Hold to front is the side facing you. Hold to back is the side facing away from you.

I agree that the chart is a bit hard to read. I took a sharpie and marked dark lines between each four stitch cable. It made it a LOT easier to read. Good luck! The results of the effort are worth it, I think.

thank u so so so much :heart:

how long did it take to knit this by the way ?

I started it on a Friday evening and had it finished on Sunday (except of course the buttons). I had a lot of knitting time that weekend though, so if I were going to add up the hours, I’d estimate about 10 or 12 hours of actual knitting time. The cabling definitely slowed things down, but I found that once I got the pattern established, I could glance at the chart and compare to my knitting to see which type of cable came next, without having to really look at the key, which helped me to stay in somewhat of a rhythm.

By the way–I used Amy’s video for the one row buttonhole for this project and it worked great. If you haven’t tried that type of buttonhole before, you might try it out.