Celtic cable help


Okay, I’ve decided to use the above chart for my celtic cable practice… But how do I do the “no stitches” part??? I’m assuming I will cast on the amount of stitches needed to make the width of it, but I’m REALLY confused by the black boxes.

No stitches just means that there are no stitches there. It is confusing if you think about it. The black boxes are place holders so the chart can stay an easy-to-read shape. Just skip over the ‘no stitches’ and knit the next one called for.

Oh man. I’m so confused… How many stitches would I cast on?

OHHH! I think I had a brainstorm… By reading the chart I realize that the bottom stitch between the black boxes is making stitches…so that must mean that I cast on 15 stitches instead of 23 because I will be making some further on :slight_smile: Right?

Yes, for each repeat, start with 15.

oh yeay! Thanks soooo much Ingrid! :happydance: