Cell Phone Ringtones


Hey Cindy - that was feministmama who wanted the antique ringtone, so your suggestion might still work for her!!

Brenda - I don’t have USB connection, and while my phone is Bluetooth compatible, I don’t have the set up for it - that could be part of my problem!! :lol:


Ok…here’s what I discovered…

You should be able to use BitPim to make your own ringtones. The software is free.
[COLOR=Red][B]Here’s[/B][/COLOR] the BitPim site…very nice site…lots of support…very user friendly.

Now, you will need either a data cable or a bluetooth adapter for your PC so that your phone can communicate with the PC. [B][COLOR=Blue]Here’s[/COLOR][/B] one site I found that has an adapter (along with software), but you could probably just buy a regular bluetooth adapter from an office supply or computer store. They usually plug in via a USB port on your computer. I’m sure it would probably install easily with Windows.

[B][COLOR=Green]Here’s[/COLOR][/B] a site that has a data cable, compatible with your phone and cheap.

Now, once you get BitPim installed (make sure you follow the instructions carefully), follow the instructions on [B][COLOR=DarkOrchid]this[/COLOR][/B] site. What you’ll need to do is use your CTRL F and type “bitpim” to quickly find the posts that have the instructions (or else you’ll be stuck reading a bunch of stuff you don’t need). The instructions provided should work. This was how I got my Fusic to work…similar instructions on a Fusic forum.

Good luck, and have fun!!!


:hiding: pssst… if you have a USB port on the phone… I often use my camera USB cord and Phone USB cord interchangeably… nothing has blown up yet! :wink: :hiding:


You know, it’s not the USB end that you have to worry about, but it’s the other end…the part that connects to the phone. You have to make sure those match up.


I’ve got an LG Choclate (verizon wireless). does anyone know how to make a voice-recording ringtone?


Here’s what I found when I googled…I cut and pasted…

[B][COLOR=Blue]Any phone that will allow full ring tones (sometime called “real-tones” or “hi-fi tones”, but basically any phone that plays a song with the voice) will work. You can record an MP3 of whatever you’d like to say (there is a recording program in windows xp) and converted it to the format suitable to your phone using free software like “ring tone chop shop” (you can search it at www.download.com)[/COLOR][/B]

If that sounds like too much any phone running windows mobile will allow you to create a recording and instantly set it as your ring tone.

Also found [COLOR=Red][B]this[/B][/COLOR] site.


Wow! Nathalie, you did a lot of research!! Thanks so much!! I’m going to print your post for when I get around to giving that a try!!

Thanks again!!!


Well, I’m a computer tech, IRL (until I get my teaching degree, that is). Yesterday was one of those days where I researched constantly for work. When I got home, it was natural to just continue. Plus, I’ve done a bunch of the research myself before. When I buy a new phone, I always want to know all of the fancy stuff it can do. Sales people do not give me enough credit at first until I start asking the hard questions. Then they are like :passedout:.


Anyhow, I hope you get things figured out. Just remember that the cell phone companies and the ringtone manufacturers want YOUR money! There is always a way to do something on your own, if you are willing to make the effort. Plus, it’s fun to learn how to do something new. You learn so much more about the way your phone works that way.

Oh, and one other thing I thought of before but forgot to mention (“how-to” thing-y). Get yourself an memory card reader – USB. They have the kind that will read different sizes. Cell phones come with micro-SD cards that come with a little adapter. Plug the card into the adapter it came with and then put it in the reader and pop the reader into your PC. It’s a great way to transfer pictures and songs. You know…as I’m typing this, I wonder if you really need that cord. Probably so…just to be safe.

Anyhow, from one AU fan to another… :muah: :hug: :muah: :hug:



LOL. My son did this to his own phone. My son is into what he calls “screamo” music where the “singer” is mostly screaming and growling (yea, that’s a whole other post), so he did that himself. I called him while he was in youth group the other night, thinking they would be done by that time. Right in the middle of a lesson, his phone is screaming, “YOUR PHONE IS RINGING!!!”


Lol Ronda!

And, thanks again Nathalie!! And, I love your Aubie!!! Some people at work hate the emblem I have in my signature here that is also on my e-mail…they would really get ruffled by that guy!!!

War Eagle :yay:


I found that picture yesterday…just loved it…
Time for you to right-click and save…annoy your co-workers even more…:thumbsup:


:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Tell your son that’s what the vibrate option is for on the phone!


You go girl!

All of this chatter about ringtones, phones, and cords led me to check my daughter’s phone – since she’s on restriction. I checked for software updates, but I couldn’t download them directly, so I had to download them from the motorola website, but then I didn’t have a usb cord, so I bought one from Target, but BEFORE I opened it, I remembered this thread and pulled out my camera/pc cord. Guess what…IT WORKED!!!

I downloaded the update, got it installed, and figured out that she can charge her phone through her laptop! How wild is that?! I think that once she gets the micro-SD card installed, she’ll be able to transfer music and files. Motorola has some free software on their website.

So, thanks for the tip! I’ll be returning the cord I purchased. :thumbsup:


Blimey but that’s a lot of hassle! :zombie:

Both my phone and my Mac have bluetooth so I can upload tunes, graphics and what-have-you direct from my puter. I then have the ability to choose a song as a ringtone.

Currently I have the theme tune from “Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends” as my ringtone though I can see the appeal of getting one of the kids to record a bit of dialogue onto the phone to use instead!! :roflhard:


Wow! I had not thought of that. I tried it out (I have a mac), and I got one picture transferred, but since then, my connection keeps timing out. I guess I’ll play with this after I finish this school term. Thanks for the tip!



There are some popular websites that provide download of free ringtones for Android and iPhone users. I usually get my ringtones from FunForMobile and Zedge.


I use a song that I like as my ringtone.


I have an Iphone se is there a solution for me ?