Cell Phone Ringtones


Ok - I come here for everything else I need help with, I might as well ask about this here, as well!

Where do you find ringtones for your cell phone? I’ve got a couple that I like, but I need one more. The site I usually go to through my cell service provider doesn’t have anything else I want. I don’t want to get caught up in those “free” offers which really mean you are subscribing…anyone have any suggestions?



I’m not too particular…I just chose one that came with my phone. I’ve only downloaded with my old phone and then I just downloaded the Michigan Fight Song from my carrier.

Sorry, not much help;)


I just use the one Verizon Wireless has. Of course, I have Rocky Top as my ringtone and I’ll never change that so I haven’t had much of a need to find another one once I got that one. :teehee:


some people make their own from various songs that they like. I am not COMPLETELY certain how to do that but there is software that you can use for that. I have a friend who wrote a song for a program that he was writing. He sent it to me to listen to and when i was loading music on to my phone i dumped that into my ringtone folder. That is now his ringtone. :slight_smile:

Otherwise I have always used Verizon’s website for ringtones. I have never figured out how to transfer ringtones from one phone to another (i don’t think it can be done since they are also different manufacturers.) so i am trying to avoid it until i can figure out if i can make my own ringtones or not. Tired of giving VZW more money darnit! :wink:


I’m not picky. I just have a few from the Verizon website and the ones that came with my phone.


On my phone you can record stuff so I had my oldest son tape “mom your phone is ringing,mom your phone is ringing”“ring” into my phone.:roflhard:You should see the looks I get when my phone rings:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:AND no one else has my ring tone:cheering::cheering:


lol i think i can do that with my phone too and i keep meaning to do “Get the heck out of bed!” as a ringtone, since I use my phone as my alarm clock.


We purchase our’s from ringtonejukebox.com. Very reputable. I’ve never had a problem.

I would do a search, though, for software to make your own. I have the Sprint Fusic, and being the techie that I am, I discovered a great Fusic forum that led me to software to edit my own ringtones. Stuff is out there…the phone companies just don’t want you to know because they want you to buy stuff from them.


I had Data Suite for my old phone. (Around $40) The problem with that is if you change phones, it’s useless unless you get another phone listed for that suite then it’s just a matter of downloading a different driver. I usually buy mine from our service provider, the kids and I take turns.


You can actually email an mp3 to your phone to use as a ringtone. I have Verizon- what I did is I emailed a picture from my phone to my email, then hit reply in my email, attached the mp3, and then sent the reply email back to my phone.


I so must put my voice as a ringtone in my husband’s phone just to freak him out. Something like “you don’t need anymore tools, you already have a garage full!” or “I’m watching you! I see you eating that greasy burger”. I gotta do that. :chair:


Just did a quick search on Google and found these articles on creating your own ringtones:
[COLOR=red][B]This[/B][/COLOR] one, and [COLOR=green][B]this[/B][/COLOR] (I have personally used BitPim, and it’s great!), and [COLOR=blue][B]this[/B][/COLOR] one, and [COLOR=darkorange][B]this[/B][/COLOR] one.

Forgot to add (hence, the edit of this post) that Sprint customers can download a free ringtone. Sprint is changing their billing information, so their you can’t look at your info right now. To compensate, they are offering customers a free ringtone. You still have to pay for the download charges if you don’t have the data plan on your phone. [B][COLOR=cyan]Here’s[/COLOR][/B] the site.


OY! that’s too muc work. I’ll wait till they invent something I can just cick and go. All I really want is the old sound of a real telephone ringing.


But that, my dear, is the fun (if you have time). It’s really not too hard. My son caught on quick. Of course, he has a good teacher! :thumbsup:


Thanks everyone for your responses! I finally found the particular ringtone I was looking for on Realtone Jukebox.

As far as customizing and adding a ringtone - I don’t believe it can be done with my phone. I have searched on-line for directions on how to do that, but have been unsuccessful. I have e-mailed my self an MP3 and tried it that way, and it doesn’t allow me to set it as a ringtone.

Thanks again for all your responses!!


What kind of phone do you have? You can pm me if you want.


Hey Nathalie - I don’t mind sharing! It’s a Samsung Hue R-500 - my provider is Alltel. I found one site that had some instructions, but my menus were slightly different. I think the manufacturer caught on and put a stop to being able to add your own ringtones…but…if you find something, please feel free to share!!


What cellular provider do you have? I used to work for Verizon Wireless. If you have VZW, and you want an antique telephone ring, purchase credits from Sony Musicbox (one of the ringtone providers in Get It Now)…that provider has several antique ringers that I’ve purchased in the past myself.

Hope that helps!!


OOps!!! Didn’t read the previous post stating that you have Alltel. Lol! Sorry


It isn’t usually the manufacturers that are the problem. It is the provider that usually locks down the features they don’t want you to access so that they can charge you for things like ringtones on their own service. VZW is notorious for it. I hear about it all the time from my phone geeks. They keep trying to get me away from VZW because of how bad they are about this kind of thing. As it is, VZW has the best network for my needs so I won’t leave until someone is close to comparable.

That being said, when I was loading music on to my Q9m i found that there is a “ringtones” folder. I dumped a song into that folder to see if it would work, and it did. So if you can find that folder you will likely be able to drag and drop into there… assuming you have a USB cable connection (or bluetooth or sumpthin’)