Cell Phone Purse Pattern?

Does anyone know where I can find a cute cell phone purse pattern? I thought I saw one here (with the pic of the purse on the purl side), but I did a search and couldn’t find it.

Also, once I find one, I’m going to try to modify it to fit keys and maybe some cash in it as well. Any suggestions on how to do that? Thanks!

I have one on my site, but it probably isn’t quite what you are looking for:

If you live near a Target store, you might want to check this out: I recently saw a kit there, which was on clearance for about 7 bucks, to make these types of purses. It comes with everything you need - yarn, needles, an instructional cd, etc. The kits were located in the area of stationery. Hope this helps!


You know, where they keep the writing paper and stuff.

knitting.Stationary. I don’t get it. :??

Check out www.stitch-witch.net too… i think there might be one floating around there.

Probably had an empty shelf.


bekahdrmom – Any kind of cozy you could ever want.

also, try google-ing “knitting pattern cell phone bag”… had a few things pop up that way