Cell Phone Case

First off, I must apologize for how sporadically I am here…However, I’ve been learning more and more and just recently (as in the past week…haha) have gotten intarsia down…lol…I have no idea why, but I had the hardest time trying to get it right, despite Amy’s wonderful video! Anyway, finally, after months (I know, sad…haha) I have intarsia figured out! I knew I would be smacking myself once I got the hang of it because I knew it would be easy and I’d be like “how on earth did I ever have trouble with this?!”

Quickly, a little background…Hubby and I had gone to Best Buy recently and I was looking through the cell phone cases. I found absolutely nothing I would buy. They were either too big, too small, too ugly, too expensive or leather (I don’t buy leather/suede, etc…). The sales girl comes over and asked me if I needed help since she noticed I had been looking through the cases for FOREVER! Well, I was talking to her about my case “dilemma” (lol) when all of a sudden, it hit me…DUH, I could just knit my own! Well, after my genius (hahaha) idea, hubby said he wanted one too…We wanted a skull and crossbones “picture” on it, but I had nooo idea how to do intarsia so I decided I’d just go for knitting the case in stockinette, and actually knit the “picture” into the case (since I had done something similar from the Stitch n Bitch book when learning to knit). Well, I completed one side of it and I thought it turned out TERRIBLE! Hubby asked me, well, can’t you just knit the skull into the case with a different color and I was like…uhhhhhh…no…lol…Well, I decided, after many previous failed attempts, I’d try it again…I watched Amy’s video again, found written instructions watched a couple more videos and finally was like ok, I think I can…lol…So, I tried and my god, it was SO EASY! A little annoying with all the tails dangling around, but easy…lol…So, without further ado, here’s my second try at intarsia!

What a cool looking case! When I think of skull and crossbones, pink is no the first color that comes to mind. . . so I LOVE THAT!

That is awesome… considering that I like skulls :heart: :heart: :heart: … actually, i love them!! ha that is cute!!

good job with the intarsia!! it looks so cute, the way the stitches are it kinda looks like the eyes and nose are heart shaped.

Thank you all!

Yeah, after I took the pics of it, I realized that too, that the nose and eyes look heart shaped…lol…

Aw I love that! You did an awesom job.

That is cute!! I love it!

Very cool!

Cool! My kids would love this!

I have no idea why i haven’t made a cell phone case yet :?? m poor cell phone is totally scratched up :teehee: You did a great job.

Oh I like it!! I really like the wrist strap that is weaved into the top, too! It gives it a little bit of something extra. :slight_smile: Well done!

Thank you all!

Yeah, I was quite shocked today when I visited another forum I frequent and had uploaded that pic in my “Art Gallery” there…I had 3 offers from people wanting me to quote them prices!! Looks like this stay at home mommy might get a second job after all! :happydance:

That’s so cool, esp people wanting to pay your for them! Congratulations! I made a BUNCH of these last summer to try and sell at a farmer’s market but it didn’t go over too well. But I’ll try again this summer. here’s a few of them, but I got better and now do them with a cat image! (I love cats)

It looks very nice! I would never use it because I’m not a very “skull and crossbones” kind of girl, but it still looks nice :thumbsup:

and VictoiseC… wow. Just… wow :noway:

Those look great!

My daughter would love that.

I can’t quite get intarsia figured out yet though. Maybe I’ll check out Amy’s videos again.

Yeah, it took me a loooooooong time to finally get the hang of it…lol