Celebratory Yarn P0rn!

OK, so my husband (who is South African) and I have been saving up to go to South Africa this summer to see his family. We weren’t sure how much the flight would be, because every time we looked it was different. So we decided to save up for the maximum amount just in case. Well, we finally had enough money, so went last Friday and booked our tickets–for $2000 less than we thought they’d be! We’re flying with Emirates, and get to spend the night in Dubai (in a hotel at the airline’s expense, thank God!) on the way there. Cool! :cheering:

So, since we had a little extra (OK, a lot) budgeted for the tickets, after my sock class on Saturday, I splurged and bought myself some celebratory Mmmmmmm… :slight_smile: Don’t worry–the rest of the money is going back into extra spending money (which we were saving separately) for the trip! No giant KnitPicks shopping spree for me! :lol:

I’m so in love with these yarns, though–I thought I’d share!

(This is my second ball of this color–I already used the other one for 2 Calorimetries and 2 iPod Cozies, and still have a little bit left over!)

Mmmmm Pink! :slight_smile:

Can you tell I love bright colors?

Now, pattern ideas, anyone? :lol:

Ooooooooooo…I have a major case of yarn envy!!!

I thought yer post said celebrity P0rn :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

Nice Malabrigo though.

That yarn is absolutely beautiful! :notworthy:

May I ask what POrn stands for? I know most of the abbreviations, but that one has me stumped.

What is the second one from the bottom’s color number? Gorgeous, as are the rest of them.

Oh gosh- those are gorgeous! I especially love the ones with pink in them.

I’m pretty sure it just means porn…as in short for pornography. People say yarn porn as a metaphor…inferring that it produces the same reaction at looking at pictures of naked people…just instead of people it’s yarn.

That being said, I love the bright colours!!

Tee hee, thanks! I wanted to celebrate, and what better way than with some Mmmmmmm? :slight_smile:

The second one from the bottom is “M” from their Selección Privada line. It’s not showing up on their website for some reason, so I assume it’s either new or being discontinued. I should have bought more of it! :lol:

I can’t WAIT to start knitting with this stuff! I just don’t know what I’m going to make yet (other than the Palindrome Hat, probably with the pink)!

AHHHHH! :aww: I suppose I should be embarassed, but I totally understand that statement. Those yarns are beautiful! Thanks for the explaination.

:thud: :passedout:


oh a little tear of envy rolling down my check. The yarns you bought are just to beautiful :passedout: Enjoy your vacation and Happy Knitting. :waving: