Celebrate with a splurge!

Final Paper of Final Class for possible end of Formal Education- DONE!

Graduation is Saturday, but since I am a distance ed. student, and the Army told us we’d be moving across post to new housing mid-August back in June (I’m still WAA-ITING…), I didn’t make any plans to go to Denton for it. And with a 9 mo old, it’s not like I can just pick up and drive 12-4 hours on a whim.

So instead, we’ll have a housewarming/graduation party once we get settled in the new digs. Last night, I broke out some Smirnoff Ice, as the lil’ boy doesn’t get to have mommy juice between 9pm and 4am. Then we packed him in his carseat and my DH drove my tipsy butt to Sonic for ice cream. Yahoo!

But for now, the important question is: should I splurge on one skein of Skacel Trekking XXL for Cat Bordhi’s Flow Motion socks, as found in Fall 2006 Vogue Knitting (if I can find this yarn somewheres…) or should I get a bunch of Bernat Softee Chunky for the Debbie Stoller SnB Sock Monkey Afghan from http://www.knitting-warehouse.com/?

The socks will be challenging, as I’ve only made one pair of baby socks too small to fit my son on the day he was born, and one skein is expensive, I think about $14, and I don’t think Skacel allows their yarn to be sold by online retailers, so I have to track down a brick and mortar place that’ll ship it to me, as I don’t believe LYS has any.

I’ve already made one Sock Monkey afghan, just have to do the seaming and borders (ugh… the seaming…) and I wanted to make it in different colors than called for. I’m stressin’ cuz they don’t sell Softee Chunky in the US, it’s Canadian. So how do I know which colors contrast and match?

Check out the two yarns: http://store.knitting-warehouse.com/yarn-bernat-softee-chunky-solids---raggs-yarn.html


I have DenimStyle in Weathered Rose and Polo, and wanted brighter, contrasting colors in Softee Chunky to go with them. Suggestions? (Cuz you KNOW I’m gonna get both the Skacel and Bernat, just not both this week…)

; )

Thanks for any advice! And good luck to anyone else finishing up their education this summer! Best wishes as well for anyone starting school this fall.

(I’m done, I’m done, I’m done, Hooray!)


Congratulations Emily! Nothing like finally having that diploma :slight_smile:

The nice thing about child/baby socks is that you can get SEVERAL pair out of 100g skein or you could do 2 pair for the baby and a shortie pair for yourself. I’m biased since I like doing socks, but I’d go for the sock yarn :slight_smile:

I’m with Kemp…I say the sock yarn…I LOVE that sock pattern.