Cdi stitch

I’m having an issue doing the Cdi stitch. I understand how to do the stitch itself but the issue I’m having is when I go to do the next row of Cdi stitch where do I move the marker to

Welcome to KH!
I would move the marker up to the stitch above the center stitch but really it depends on what happens in the following rows. There’s a reason for the marker (or should be) as a guide to some following row perhaps to align another Cdi stitch?

What pattern are you following? Can you give us a link or a pattern name?

Hi yes the pattern is the Michigan sweater and I’ve attached a picture of the stitch it calls for The Cdi

Yup, a centered increase. What happens to the center marked stitch on the next row?

Yep that’s what I can’t figure out

Can you quote just the entire row with the Cdi and the following 2 rows please? A photo of a couple of chart rows is OK, too. We can’t have whole patterns here but a couple of rows are fine.
Maybe this sweater?

ETA: If this is the sweater which is knit top down, I can see that the centered increase stitch continues as the center stitch throughout the lace panel. Marking helps make sure that you maintain that pattern. After a couple of repeats, you probably won’t need the marker because you’ll be able to see the center rib.