CDD clarification for pattern

I want to make sure I understand these directions:

“Dec Row (RS): K16 st, CDD, [K18, CDD] 3 Times, K16, 90 sts. Work even for 13 Rows”

Am I to understand that I Knit 14 stitches, then CDD, Knit 18, CDD repeating this underlined part 3 times, then knit 16 stitches, ending up with 90 stitches left on my needle? And I only do this on this row…then continue in the pattern stitch (st st) for the next 13 Rows?

(CDD means to Central Double Decrease, which I watched on the video here and pretty sure I understand how to do that.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Except that you knit 16 sts, not 14, (that was a typo, right?) to start, yep. You got it.


Yup, 16 not 14 :teehee: