Caught! drowning stuffed mouse w/ photo

Finally! the little murderer Mulder has been caught in the act of drowning his stuffed mouse! We have been playing “find and drown” for a few days now. Hide mouse somewhere, see how long it takes for Mulder to find and drown it again:yay: Usually only a day or so. But today I caught him in the act!

Now where to hide mousey???:roflhard:

Cute thing! I’m surprised you didn’t capture him holding the mouse under the water with his paw!:roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: that is too cute!!!

:roflhard: Funny… and creepy! Love the evil eyes. :teehee:


Hahaha! Even looks guilty! LOLOL!!!


:teehee: You have an amazing cat!

I think so too! Mulder is one in a bazillion!

That isn’t guilty look, it’s “what? this is what i do” look :yay:

That is funny. Has he ever caught a real mouse?

Ha! we have tried to get him to go into the basement after a cricket, and he just looks at us like " so not worth my time" and goes back to bed.

:roflhard: Great picture. :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

So many times our furry ones do things that we never see, I’m so glad that there’s finally proof of their antics! Love the picture!

Debra in NC


[I](I am terrible about making excuses for people… so here’s mine for Mulder):[/I]

Maybe he just thinks the little guy needs a bath…

[I]Adorable pic… I have a solid black kitty myself…[/I]


I loved it when you posted your first thread about this and I’m so glad you posted this picture!
My cat Lucy has never done anything like this, so imagine my surprise when I look in her water bowl the other day and find her rat swimming in it!!! I couldn’t believe it and it made me think of you instantly. I even took a picture.
I actually think she did it accidentally as she is very rambunctious when she plays and she throws her toys up in the air.

Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it! that is so great and thanks for adding the pic!:muah: