Caught Drop Stitch, but

It’s really really tight. Any thoughts? :??
I’m doing that little 3 pointed hat in Iceland from the Crystal Palace site and at the point where I am to do the Kitchener stitch to form the 3 points. I realized I was doing the Kitchener wrong and after watching Mother Amy’s video… I undid it and picked up the few stitches I had done so far. There is one pesky stitch that I picked back up that is just so tight that I feel like something isn’t right. I have the proper total stitches, 48, divided between 3 dpns.
Also, when going onto doing the Kitchener… do you break off the working yarn and use that to stitch with?
Thanks in advance for your help! :thumbsup:

If you dropped the stitch, then knit a few more rows before realizing it, it will be tight now. You have to borrow yarn from the neighboring stitches to form a new one, so they will be tight. No way to fix it other than frogging to before where you dropped it. You can always leave it as is though.

And yes… break the yarn and graft using that. :thumbsup:

Thanks Sil!
I think I’ll go ahead with the Kitchener at this point since I’m at that jumping off point. It was my first feeble attempt to do the Kitch. part that started the dropped stitch rescue and recovery effort when undoing the Kitch.
I’ll have to take a pic and post when I get done… My mom says I need to do one in Packer colors for my nephew… orders orders! :roflhard:
Thanks for your guidance!
Jodie :smiley:

My pleasure! :slight_smile:
And remember, after you do the kitchener, you can go back and neaten up the stitches one by one to make them even with the rest of the knitting. It’s very common to have to do that. :wink:

Fabulous! :thumbsup: