Cats with allergies

I know there are many cat owners in this forum. I was wondering if anybody’s cat suffers from seasonal allergies? My little boy Oreo has severe skin allergies during the spring/summertime. His neck is just full of scabs and he doesn’t stop scratching. He has already been to the vet once for a steroid shot, but it hasn’t helped much. We are going again tomorrow because now he has these huge scabs on his back. This only happens during this time of year. I have been feeding him Felidae. My vet at one time told me that it was food, but if it was wouldn’t he have this problem all year round, not just during the spring/summertime? I am thinking of changing to a no grain food and see if that helps. I hate seeing him like this every year. I just want him to get better! :pout:

Oh no…that’s too bad. My cat has allergies to food so now that I’ve found one I stick to it alone and she’s fine. Is there nothing else the vet can do?

What do you feed yours Jan, if I may ask?

I know he had to go back a few times last year for this problem. Actually, I feel a little guilty about not taking him to an allergist this year. But with everything that has happened with my mom the last few months, it just slipped my mind.

One thing I do for my kitty’s allergies is to put some olive oil or cod liver oil on the base of her bowl before I put the food in. You can get special oils for it, but my vet said that pure olive oil works the same. It conditions their skin. She has feline exzema which is aggravated by various foods and bites, and she pulls out her hair and has scabs when she’s got a break out. Along with the steroid shots and some anti-biotics for the open sores, the oil is what’s helped most. I also can’t feed her dry food cause of her skin, but don’t know if that’s just her or similar in other cats who are having skin break-outs.

Good luck!
Fi xxx

Oh my goodness… I never thought i’d find another cat owner who’s cat has the same problems mine does! Our poor Lucky is covered in sores… he hardly has any hair left on his back and tail because he pulls it all out, leaving tufts of it all over the house. He’s constantly digging at himself.

Our vet told us its because he’s severely allergic to fleas. I pulled one off of him this morning. The flea medicine we put on his shoulders doesn’t seem to work well enough, so we just kind of treat the wounds and look him over for fleas when he lets us. He’s a very grumpy cat and tends to bite frequently. :slight_smile:

He’s currently sitting in the chair pouting at me because I rolled him over to check his naked belly for fleas.

Does your cat’s whiskers break? His tend to when he gets all chewed up like this…

We’ve tried bathing him, which soothes the wounds and the skin, but ultimately dries out his skin and seems to make him feel worse in the long run. :frowning:

He isn’t allergic to fleas, thank goodness. I think it’s just the pollens and little “no seeums” bugs that get him. I was going to apply his flea meds but there is an open sore there. He’s a mess, but he is in good spirits. He is just a love. Here is picture of him (healthy). I hope we can get it under control.

Well, i’m willing to wager a guess that Lucky is allergic to the same pollens and no see-ums too… because he’s had fleas during the winter and never chewed himself up like this.

Here is my silly kitty a few months back before he starting digging himself all up. :slight_smile:

My girl’s allergic to fleas too, she had no fur at all when she came to us :frowning: Now she’s an indoor cat so she can’t get access to any fleas at all and she’s much happier. But one single bite and she flares really badly - most of the hair on her back disappears cause she pulls it out with her teeth :frowning:

Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry you have do deal with this as well as your kitty! Our cats aren’t allergic to anything, thank god, but our dog is. We finally took her to a dermatologist after spending hundreds of dollars at the vet doing blood test, allergy testing - that was a huge waste of money - and went to the dermatologist and she was a god-send. She did her stuff and took her off the prednisone that she was on that wasn’t working anyway. It just made her pee incessently. Poor girl.

Then she put her on allergy pills, Tavist, and it helps a lot. That’s all she’s on now, well and her thyroid is screwed up too, but this time of year is the worst, in the fall, winter and spring she does great, it’s just the summer time that is hell for her.

I would suggest going to a dermatologist before going back to your vet. They can really do miracles for animals these days and our Bailey is going to live a lot longer since her Liver isn’t in anymore danger from the prednisone.

I wish you and your kitty the best.

What we went through to find a food was insane. I tried every expensive brand on the market (canned and dry) thinking maybe it was something in inexpensive foods. We found one and it worked for a long time till they changed the formula! :???: So finally we tried Purina Indoor Cat…and bam the bumps on her chin went away and her fur grew back. (She loses it on her butt and legs when the allergies kick in. ) I hope you find what works for your kitty!

I feel for you on this one. Our cat dealt with unknown allergies for a couple years. It was many trips to the vet and trying countless types of food. We eliminated all kinds of possible allergens trying to figure it out. She would scratch and the sores would not heal. It almost seemed like the meds made things worse. What finally helped was a dry food called Pinnacle and giving her Omega 3 oil. We also started putting vitamin E oil directly on the sores. She slowly started to heal, but it took months. Poor kitty wore one of those big collars for a long time. Our vet was the best and saw this as a challenge and didn’t charge us.
Good luck

my cat duder is alergic to cat food!! ok not all cat food but still i thought it was odd .

I have to only feed my girl wet food, her skin goes mad if she eats dry food :frowning: Means I have to pay for her to go under anaesthetic to get her teeth done every couple of years, but she’s a lot more settled for it. Poor thing :frowning: Here’s my :heart: