Cats are crazy!

My SIL sent me this photo of her two cats, Freddie and Buster, in the sink. Buster was there first as you can see. :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: She says it’s Freddie’s favorite spot though so I guess he figures even if there is another cat there it’s still his spot. I told her this belongs on with a funny caption. :yay:

:roflhard: I love this.

How funny, it took me a minute to see the other cat underneath the big one.


OMG! There’s another cat underneath this one???!!

Yes, and he’s quite squished, but looks like he’s sleeping. :lol:

:roflhard: Oh my goodness, that is so cute!! And that’s a big 'ol kitty! Not to hijack the thread, but, I just have to post a couple of pics of my cats and the odd places I’ve found them…lol…

Joey Ramone, my Himalayan, thinks he’s a baby, Bat, thinks she’s “what’s for dinner,” and, Betty Page wants to be a skein of yarn :teehee: (and that pic was taken in March of '07…notice the chart for the “Jesse’s Flames” sweater that I JUST this month finished for hubby…lol…and, I had finished the front and back, many, many months before!)

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
All of the cat pictures are hilarious!

Haha, that is hilarious. Cats are nuts… they can sleep through anything… reminds me of the time I found my cats doing this…

They finally managed to share the lamp on top of the entertainment center (much fought over… and just today tossed out since it takes a 150 watt specialty bulb!) and I looked over and noticed that Batty was sitting funny.

I walked over and discovered Batty(Our GIANT muscular 5 yr old) was laying on top of Pretty, (our very, very tiny and OLD kitty) and suckling on Boots (General fat house cat ) who is a BOY of all things…

They all dozed away for a good hour, Batty suckling himself to sleep.

Cats are so weird.

Those are great cat pictures,thanks to all of you for posting them!

Awwww! All the kitties are so cute! Aren’t they just endless fun!!:slight_smile:

:roflhard: Krystal! That is so cute and funny!

Jan… I didn’t see the other cat there till I read the other post…you’re right crazy cats-and it does belong on Icanhazcheesburger tell your SIL to send it in

Ravelry has an ICanHasCheezeburger related group…you can ask them to give your cats words. :slight_smile:

i can has stitchez?