Cats and Homespun?

Has anyone else noticed that cats really seem to like Lion Brand Homespun?

I was making a sweater with it, and my cat kept trying to lay on it while I was knitting it. I made her a blanket out of the leftover yarn, and she will get on it and knead it and even suck on it!

I thought it was just her, but I made a couple more of these blankets out of Homespun for neighbor cats that come and hang out on my patio. They pretty much reacted the same way.

Has anyone else noticed this about Homespun?

That’s seems odd, but cats can do weird things! My daughter’s cat loved my knitted dishcloths! I don’t like homespun so I can’t test it on my cat though. :teehee:

Our cats like to nap on the WIPs or finished items, but haven’t shown a particular yarn preference. I imagine it’s nice and snuggly for them and reminds them of kittenhood.

My cat likes to lay on most of my knitting to, but I’ve never actually see her suck on other fabric except the Homespun. Hmmm…maybe it reminds her of the texture of her momma’s belly at feeding time.

And besides, she is a weird cat anyway. Well I know that all cat’s are weird, but she’s special weird. Here’s her Catster page:

Sasha’s Catster Page

The site is free and there is also a dogster site for your dogs. It’s a lot of fun. :cool:

My cat Sierra [B]LOVES [/B]homespun! Several years ago I crocheted an afghan using it and she adopted it as hers. Like with your Sasha it is the only blanket she will suck and knead. I have several skeins left over I am thinking about making a few small blankets for the local animal shelter. Her brother and litter mate Joey is not a fan but he loves my dog’s fleece blanket with the same passion.


My kitty loves to sleep on anything I’m working on. Usually so I will give her attention. Fortunately she doesn’t love anything that much, but unfortunately my projects love her and I have to pick out Bonnie furs. (the joys of having a long haired cat).

I haven’t knitted anything with Homespun in a while, I’ll have to see what her reaction is.

I’ve been keeping my Homespun away from my cat. However, I do remember a long time ago crocheting with Red Heart Super Saver and suddenly getting to a wet part of the yarn. I looked down and there was my cat, holding the yarn in his mouth so that it went through as I pulled – I was practically flossing his teeth! :shock: :roflhard:

Since then I make sure that when I’m working with yarn, the cat is somewhere else. :noway: :lol: