Okay, not really. But close.

So I’m making the Fiber Trends clogs. Let me tell you, row 2 was a real counting nightmare. ANWAY, so row 3, fine, row 4… When I started row 4, I accidently forgot to turn the work, and was, in effect, knitting “backwards.” It didn’t mess up the pattern because the rows up to this point and through row 7 are symmetrical. BUT, since I’m knitting flat on circular needles, I carried my working yarn around, so it looks like I sort of joined the round, but of course didn’t (since it was a mistake). See picture, below.

My question is, what do I do with that yarn inbetween the two ends? I’m afraid to cut it, because it’s not very long, and I’m worried that I won’t have enough to make a sturdy “weave in”. The stitches almost fit around the needle, but it’s kind of snug. And even though I’m afraid to cut it, eventually I’ll have to do SOMETHING with it. I really don’t want to rip it out, because there’s not technically a mistake in the row.

I just now finished my second outer sole. I didn’t say that to make you feel bad, just so you know its fresh in my mind. You know what I would do, being the non-perfectionist that I am? I would cut, then I would tie the two strands on each side in a knot and weave the ends in. Its on the bottom and it’s going to be covered and it’s going to be felted. Tie it and move on!

Sorry don’t have any suggestions, but I :roflhard: when I saw the pic you drew as well as the file names of the pics :slight_smile:

Hope it works out for you.

I agree with Ingrid. If you have enough yarn to get it weaved in even loosely just to hold it there for now, do it. When it’s felted, it’ll be in there permenantly. No worries!! :thumbsup:

:shock: did you say “tie a knot” ? :shock:

crap. okay. :help: but don’t tell anyone.

People will, of course, develop callouses and bunions from the huge lumps in their clogs, but what the heck!

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

okay, other ideas? Anyone? Bueller?

gasp this coming from the woman who told me i was goin’ to knitters jail for tying a knot!

[color=red][size=2]saves this thread for future reference! [/size][/color] :happydance:

You do know I was joking! :shock: If tying knots is a crime, then by golly take away my golden needles and lock me up. I knot with impunity as long as it doesn’t interfere with the garment. So there! :wink:

LOL!! OK, let’s get the record straight right now. I did not say tie a knot. :shock: I did say that once it’s felted, even a loose weave will be secure. Heck, even when I do have enough yarn to weave in, when I’m felting, I only weave in like 3 or 4 stitches. :wink:

You have golden needles?? :smiley:

[size=2](I’m trying to ignore the knots in knitting visual) shudder[/size] :wink:

You have golden needles?? :smiley:

[size=2](I’m trying to ignore the knots in knitting visual) shudder[/size] ;)[/quote]

Didn’t you hear? Hildie’s sending me some. She promised!

WHAT? :shock:

HIIILLLLLDEEEEEEE! Don’t forget your Q&A buddy!!

And a PONY, too!

i was reading along in amusement but couldn’t really laugh too much since i am near to starvin’ to death right now and the jambalaya is no where near done…but THAT line there nearly made me choke…

and a pony :roflhard:

runs around tying knots willy nilly and for no reason at all whilst hijacking hildi’s very serious thread with silliness[/size][/color]

I also think you should weave a few stitches in (with a crochet hook if necessary) and put the end inbetween the two soles. If possible, I try to put the ends in between the soles so I don’t have to cut the ends and it is not noticeable when felted (not lumpy)

Hmmm - you’ve started knitting for Christmas - guess I’d better decide on colors and get knitting!

Good luck.

omg you guys are nutty!!!

I did just tie a knot. Callouses be damned… those people can be happy that they’re getting a HAND KNITTED gift.

Oh wait. these ones are for me :doh:

:slight_smile: I knew you were kidding Ingrid!!! And, where oh where did I say I’m sending you golden needles?? hmmmmmm??? I’m not sending you needles until you stop cussing at people!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Carolyn (that’s my name :happydance:) I started knitting for Christmas now because I KNOW I won’t have time once school starts. And no other music teacher I know has any kind of life between halloween and christmas break. I am just hoping to get the things done before September!

Bren, keep your knots to yourself! Or give them to Ingrid! I’m staying away!!! :hiding:

You guys are fun!

Does this mean I don’t get the pony, either? :crying:


**DON’T do a yahoo image search of “ugly pony” ** Youhave been warned.