Cat playing while I am knitting


Whenever I am knitting and the cat is on the same floor as I am he goes for the yarn and starts playing with it. And if it is in the form of a ball it rolls across the room and the cat chases it as it rolls and then it starts rolling in the other direction and he chases it.

And my cat is old at about 10 or 11 years. It is like he channels in his inner kitten whenever yarn is around. Occasionally he will grab onto the ball so tightly that he won’t let me knit another stitch until it starts rolling again.


don’tcha love that about cats? no ball of wool is safe, its all a toy.

its one of the reasons I treasure my library knitting group time. 2 heavenly hours of cat-free knitting. :smiley:

but I wouldn’t give up the cats for anything.


I wouldn’t give up my cat either. When I am in that situation of the yarn being tangled because of the cat playing with it I just untangle the yarn and continue knitting.


I purchased a yarn bowl on etsy from RhenWorks. One of the reviews indicated a great tip for knitting when you have a cat. The tip was to put your yarn in a yarn bowl and then turn pride down. This sounded like a great tip.


Sorry about the typo. The tip is to put your yarn in a yarn bowl and then turn it upside down.


I had one who would attack only when unwinding a skine of yarn over to chairs to ball, and one it he got a ball of real wool, he’d hold it in his mouth yowling like he had prey. The five I have now mostly ignore it unless I leave it unattended on the couch over night! Yikes!