Cat bordhi's class

What an amazing day!!!

What an amazing woman!!!

I have been thinking about this class and what it would be like for the past month since I signed up for it. For the past two nights, I have dreamt about it. It was much better than any of the dreams or thoughts I had!!!

My day started early…7:15 (I am on vacation, so why else would I get up that early???). I got ready and climbed in my car for the drive and was on the road by 8:00. The drive was 99 miles long. The shop the class was held at was small, but very nice. Probably the homiest yarn shop I have been in, but then I have not been in that many. They had a wide variety of yarns to choose from, feel up, and drool upon. When I signed up for the class, I was told only twelve people would be in it, and that is the number that signed up and paid, however, one person did not attend.

Cat Bordhi is a wonderful person and made me feel at ease right from the start. She was much tinier than I had pictured her to be. I did take my camera, but was kept so busy that I only took one picture of her as she was inspecting my knitting! Sorry, but I am too tired right now to download it and figure out how to post it, so that will wait for another time. Anyway, she made everyone feel right at home. She started out talking about mobius’s and explaining the cast on (that was something else!). We finally got started on the needles about 45 minutes later. First we practiced. The cast on is like nothing I have ever seen before…it’s just wrapping the yarn around the needles, but using this method she came up with. I could not help myself and had to ask her what kind of drugs she was on when she came up with this idea…she is quite an amusing person and thought it was quite funny.

Once we got the cast on and first row practiced, we ripped it all out and started on our baskets. Even though you do only 56 cast ons, it miraculously turns into 112 stitches because of the way you do it…I still can not figure how she figured this out!! Once we got a row or two done, it was time for a lunch break (time really flew), so we all went in different directions…except for four of us (me included!), who joined her across the street for lunch at a teriyaki place. I got to sit right next to her! :shock: After lunch we returned to the shop. She made the rounds of the room, stopping to chat or to help or to show you what to do…I was flabbergasted. I also got to learn what using waste yarn was all about. I doubt I’d have ever understood that if there was not someone to show me.

Once we were all well underway, she took my Denise set and proceeded to give a demonstration of different things you can do with them. I’ll never part with these needles now! She would throw out different ideas and suggestions about the needles, yarns, etc all day long. Apparently, when you write knitting books and contact the company, they send you never ending supplies of their things when you mention them in your books. She said she has enough Addi’s to last her several lifetimes. I forgot-at the very beginning of the class, she took about an inch snip of a piece of one womans yarn, separated the fibers, then spit on it and rubbed it in her hands quickly for one minute. The reason being was to see if or how well it would felt, which it indeed did. She talked about different type yarns; llama, alpaca, etc and how they felt. She talked about the whole felting process. I think she had the samples shown in both books there for us to pick up and look at and drool on. There was one basket she made completely out of wool roving that she pulled off into sections about a foot long and knit with and added to as she went. It was the prettiest basket there.

She asked us all about how long we had been knitting (I was the baby of the group at 10 months…most had been knitting since age seven and the majority of them were well older than me!). I believe I blushed when she sat down with me later and told me I was a natural knitter!!! :oops: I thought I was going to faint or drop dead to the floor. She had her books with her and I bought a copy of each. She autographed mine, with the pen I provided, writing something nice in each of them. She then used the same pen to write in everyone elses. I am telling you, I am now a large fan of this woman. If there is ever a class around here again, I will be sure to be in it! The day ended at 4:00 which came much too quickly.

She did mention that she is also a published author of a novel that came out in hardback a few years ago, and comes out in paperback this coming year. She also has two books that will be published next year, one on socks and one on footwear (think moccasins and old fashioned type footwear from days gone by). I think you will find the sock one interesting because of the techniques she has come up with. She had one sock she is in the middle of that is going in the book she showed us and it was fabulous. I will have to learn how to do socks soon! I forgot, she also gave a demo on knitting socks with two circulars…very interesting.

When you take a class at this shop, you get a 10% discount on items purchased, but because today was their big sale day, everything was 20% off! I was good and only bought yarn to make one more basket and my books and the 52" cable for the Denise needles. There was a beautiful leather embossed purse there that I would have died for, and nearly did when I learned it cost $400!!! The shop owner goes to New York City every year and goes to a leather maker, picks out the leather, picks out the embossing designs and purse designs for each bag and has them made…they are each one of a kind. Had I not thought I would be in hot water for spending $320 (it was 20% off dear :smiley: ) on that purse, it would have come home with me. All I could think about was, should I buy it anyway, or should I not and then have that $$$ for the Hawaii trip we go on in a week…well, Hawaii won out. I really didn’t need another purse anyway…but boy was it beautiful!

If any of you ever get the opportunity to take a class from this woman, I would strongly urge you to do so. I know if I have the chance to, I will take another, even if it is the same one I took today.

Well, I am tired and my mobi-ass (one of her words) hurts from driving and sitting in folding chairs all day, and I know I have rambled on enough, so I will go. I’m sure I will think of more, but it will have to be added at a later date…maybe when I figure out the picture posting.

pat… :smiley: who is glad November 26th finally got here!

I knew I would think of something else!! Cat mentioned that this next year Denise is coming out with two more tip sizes, #17 and #19. You may have known that, but I didn’t.

Thank you for taking the time to share all this with us! It sounds like a wonderful day. :happydance:

Wow- sounds like a fantastic day!!! I am green with envy. :mrgreen:

I just bought Cat Bordhi’s book “Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles”, and bought the needles today.

I’m glad you had such a great time!! :cheering:

What a magical day! How exciting! Thanks for sharing it with us :smiley:

I will have to find her Socks Soar book and give it a try. Thanks so much for sharing.

A few months ago our LYS had classes and a fashion show with Maggie Jackson. I was unable to take the classes, but did go to the fashion show, and it inspired to me to try some riskier things in my knitting. Just to see the actual finished garments from her books, right there to touch and examine was so interesting. I may never create her style of garments - I don’t have quite the body for them - but her use of fiber and texture opened up some new possibilities in knitting for me.

Hope you can post your photo soon.

Wow, that sounds like an amazing day! Thanks for sharing. :smiley:

That sounds so cool!

glad you had a good time…:slight_smile:


SO fun!!! What a wonderful inspiration!

WOW, so fun!!! :shock:

totally awesome! I want to peek at her books someday… I cant seem to find them around here :thinking:

WHOA!! Thanks for taking the time to tell us all about your day! It was almost like being there with you. I’m sure you were stunned to see what a great lady she is and how down to earth she sounds like she is. :cheering:

I wondered if knitting the socks on circs looked very hard to you?? And can you use 2 circs from a set–like Needlemaster or Denises?? I would like to try it–I knit on dps now, and I wonder if I could grasp the concept of the 2 circs?? What do you think?? :thinking: I’m kinda slow on the take-up on new things!! :frowning:

that was a fantastic read, i loved hearing all about your day. I would love to take one of her classes also. It sounds like so much fun. I wonder if she ever comes to florida for the winter?

I jumped over to the library website and they have both of Cat’s books.
I placed a hold on them.

I recently moved to this city and forgot about how many libraries there are. Where I came from there was one, and I swear the last knitting book was published in the 70’s.

I also managed to find the Stitch and Bitch one, and a few others.

On the topic of Knit designers.

I got to work with Lily Chin last year at a knitting demonstration (I demo knitting machines for Bond America). She is amazing also, great ideas and fast. She knitted an entire shawl in an afternoon.

Also Sally Melville does some amazing things, she is from my City and you often catch her at the LYS trying new things.

I know about the perks of working with companies to promote. With Bond America, I have one of they’re first Machines (my baby). They sent me a brand new one (with all the toys) (about 300-400 dollars) and a 2ft by 2 ft box of caron yarn. And paid me on top of that. And it was for doing something I love and would have done anyway.

If anyone lives near Port Huron Michigan, thats where I demo at the Mary Maxims store for the anual Knit Out Day. (Tons of freebies and awesome door prizes)

Thanks so much for giving us the info on your class…sounds like she really inspired you! :smiley: Don’t forget the photo :thumbsup:

Ellen - yes, you would be able to do the socks on two needles. Get her book (it’s the only one I didn’t buy - what was i thinking?) on it and I’m sure you will be able to do it. When I was trying to figure it out in my head without seeing the book or anything, I could not, but seeing her do it made complete sense. I think I could actually tackle socks.

Internette - she has classes all over the place. Check out and they are all listed there. I think there are even two free patterns on her site.


I just saw this on her site…wouldn’t it be fun??

September 30 - October 8 , 2006
Eastern Caribbean Knitter’s Cruise
With Cat Bordhi, Elsebeth Lavold, and Candace Eisner-Strick
Sponsored by Pastimes Travel, LLC
Contact information for this event will be posted soon.

Oh–thanks !! That sounds like a great adventure–you’re so lucky to have met her and taken the class–she sounds like a class act! I mean, I LIKE using the dps, but still, everyone says that knitting 2 at a time on circs gives the assurance that you actually finish the PAIR, instead of the Lone Sock Syndrome!!