Cat bordhi sock help?

I’m teaching myself how to do socks on 2 circs using cat bordhi’s book “socks soar…”. Seeing as how I’ve only done one pair of socks before (on dpns) I’m a bit confused on the picking up gusset stitches part. I just finished turning the heel and am where it says:

[b]With the same needle, knit up 15 sts in the loops along the heel flap. In the intersection of the heel flap and instep, pick up a stitch. On the next round you will knit it through the back loop. Place a marker.

Look at the other end of your needle, where the 18 heel turn sts are waiting. Transfer the distant 9 to the other needle.[/b]

First off, when she says “knit up” does that mean the same as pick up? I’ve tried several ways of doing what the directions say, but everything seems so awkward or just plain wrong!

Oh, I’m just so confused! I might have to put this away until sunday when I’m going to a Knitter’s Afternoon In @ the LYS. The verbage on this is very confusing to me! :shrug:

well the gusset is where i usually switch to DPNs and then switch back when i am done with it (Because i get confused by the decreases) but without looking at the book i can only be about 85% sure that it is the same as pick up. The area is a bit ackward to do that in though because you are forming the heel. It always seems a bit tight to me until you get a bit out from the heel flap but it works! :thumbsup:

I’ll have to give it another shot! crosses fingers

Well I’ve got half the stitches picked up… but now I’m still stuck at this part!

Look at the other end of your needle, where the 18 heel turn sts are waiting. Transfer the distant 9 to the other needle.

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I don’t have the Cat Bordhi book, but I do knit socks on 2 circular needles. Moving the distant 9 stitches should mean the 9 stitches at the far end of the needle, move those over to your other needle. I don’t know if this helps, but in Charlene Schurch’s book, she has you start with the heel flap stitches on 1 needle and the instep stitches on the 2nd needle.

then when you are working on the gusset, pick up the stitches along the side of the heel flap for the gusset, and then you move the stitches around, so you have half of the instep, gusset stitches on one side and half of the heel turn stitches on 1 needle and the others on needle 2. Is that what Cat is telling you to do?

When the gusset decrease is done and you are back to just working on the foot, Charlene has you move the stitches around again so that the instep is on 1 needle and the sole is on needle 2.

I hope that helps and that I haven’t made you MORE confused!!