Cat Bordhi is teaching a class at my LYS

… and I CAN’T go!!! It’s an all day workshop on either a Tuesday or Wedensday (2 days to pick from). I am a SAHM in a new state and can’t really take my 3 yo to Cat Bordhi’s ALL DAY workshop. I’m so bummed. :waah: :waah: :wall:

I realize that you are in a new state, but couldn’t you find a local babysitting service? I baby-sat as a teenager and my mother made me get infant and child CPR certified. Why don’t you start with the Red Cross and put up fliers? I bet someone with experience would jump right on that.

Yes if you have registered with a local GP or paedatrician then they quite often advertise certified childminders and approved sitters. or even ask your neighbours or the people in the LYS if they have anybody they use and can recommend to you.