Cat and dog beds!


Well, it’s not really a “pattern” per se, more like a simple garter stitch blanket.

We use 2 strands of cotton or acrylic yarn held together throughout, and cast on 72 stitches. 5 knitters take turns knitting 5 inch sections of the snuggle. You can see the blog for the Oddball Pet Snuggles here:

I’ve attached 2 photos of our Snuggles. One is completed, and the other is in progress after two knitters have worked on it.


Those are quite beautiful! It seems that cats love them already lol
I like how you’re doing it, i personally can’t send my projects places because I don’t really have the money. I am 15, in highschool, and I think I am developing Carpal Tunnal, or something… But i applaud you! :yay: :cheering:



This is a good way to use up all those odds and ends that are too small to knit anything with but you don’t have the heart to throw away. Cats love bright colors. When I was first attempting to do fair isle knitting, I practiced by making them sleeping blankets.


These animal blankets are a great way to use up yarn that’s too small to make anything but that you don’t have the heart to throw out. You can knit stripes with the remnants. Cats love color. When I first started doing fair isle knitting, I practiced by making them sleeping blankets. They have some of the prettiest in town, if I do say so myself. lol


lol, nice! I am pausing on making a animal bed right now, and making my mom a sweater, bc her birthday is comming up soon! And I want to make her an awsome present! It’ll be my first sweater I’ve made!


Hello every one! I know I have not posted online for a while. I hope you have all been helping with the making of animal beds. I have almost finished anouther one, it is quite large. I think it will be really nice!


Will be happy to join you in another month or two. Right now, I’m busy knitting mittens for my local elementary school. The staff says kids are in the office looking for mittens every day. We just had a big snow storm yesterday and I dropped off several pair which were greatly appreciated. My cats love blankets knit in all garter stitch with soft homespun boucle yarn. Hope that helps you.


Thanks! And I bet those children are happy for those mittens! They are probably making the other children want to pretend that they dont have mittens, so they can get ones like yours! Thanks from me and most likely, from those children also!


Thank you for the clairfication and the idea. That is such a nice way to use up yarn. I know my little furry friend wouldn’t care if his colors didn’t match perfectly.


Nope! And if there are strings that you cut in the middle of the work, all you have to do with those is make them all on one side of the piece, and make that the inside, creating anouther one, and sewing them together, making them a little softer! You can probably stuff them if you want to also! :happydance:

Just a quick update on this post from a while ago! I have the sweater all pinned up, one side slot is sewn up, and it was Unfortunately4 inches too short! so I started making a border on it! The border looks pretty nice on it, but i have had to pause all knitting for awhile.
I was stuped, and I left my hand where it could get shut in the door of the car, and my best friend shut her car door, and I, of course, had my hand in the way, so it was shut on! It hurts pretty badly, and I am certain that I will end up will some bruses.


I contacted my local shelter to get the exact size they needed for the cages. This website says that brightly colored blankets will calm the animals and help them to get adopted rather than euthanized. In my sales career, I know that bright colors and patterns draws people to your product, in this case the cats and dogs, and sells.


That is great!! I am so glad that you went that far as to do that! A million thanks to you from my 15 year old heart!! :muah: If you could forward the size of the cages, that would probably give others a idea on how big the beds/blankets should be.


Hi Moriah,

This is the way i make dog and cat blankets. it’s called double knitting and makes 2 layers, stockinette on each side…Very easy.

Cast on an even number of stitches as wide as you like.

K1, slip1, across…That’s all there is to it and it makes the bed softer…I use worsted weight and have made them for all my friends and family’s pets.


I should have said…K1, slip one as if to purl…with the yarn in front, then put the yarn in back to knit the next stitch, and so on.


Hi Momo!
I love this idea!!! The only downside is… I live on the other side of the city from my local pet shelter. It is a hour drive from my house and I would have to have my mom drive me. :frowning:
Here is a tip: Try to make squares and stitch them together (Like blue, pink, lime green, So bright colours). It looks cute, is comfy and pets love it! I’m going to make a blanket for my little dog, named Rico!

From my 12 year heart,



Hi all…and Happy New Year:clink: I have completed all my needle work commitments and ready to join in on the blankets…I visited our local APL ( within walking distance of me) and I was very surprised at how “chilly” it was in there…but let’s face it, it’s better there than 20 below zero…So here’s my commitment, if anyone would like to send me there project, I will finish and hand deliver to Friendship APL, here in Elyria, Ohio…I did work on pet snuggles awhile back…So pm me I will forward my address on to you:hug: