Cat and dog beds!

HI! My name is Moriah and I have a place in my heart for strays and foster children. My family takes care of foster babies, and I was also born into foster care, not for long, but… yea. I almost got my mom to let us try fostering dogs, but that might be more painful then the foster babies. So, I decided, why not knit for strays? Most animal shelters will probably be cool with it! After all, most of the animals sleep on the floor since animal shelters don’t have money to buy animal beds! So, Please! Please! Please! Pleeeaseee help me by making animal beds for the animals. This book called “Ghost dog secrets” by Peg Kehret has a cat blanket pattern in the very back. I make this bigger to make a dog bed. I have made several now, and would looooove help!!! all you really have to do is decide how many stitches to cast on, and then knit each row in “garter stitch” and do this until you reach desired length. any one in?

I also do knitting for homeless shelters, but I have a Robin Hood complex, and I feel the animals would help me fufill my need as well. I’m actually making my first dog bed for my dog right now. I’m doing it on 34" circulars; I cast on until I can’t fit anymore stitches, and I’m just going to knit it in stockinette (on circulars, that’s knit every row) until I feel it’s long enough. Then stuff it with some goose down that I have (my down pillow ripped, I didn’t want all that expensive down to go to waste, so I’m using it for stuffing other projects) and seam it up.

Although if there’s no goose down available, batting would work just as well, and it’s much cheaper.

Do you want it in “pattern”?..

can you explain that? I am newer at knitting, not so sure with all the “K-ing slang” :wink: I like to think that I know alot of them, but, who knows, lol. :lol: So… yea… what did u mean by “Do you want it in “pattern”?..”

Nice!! :yay: If your dog could talk u would hear “I LOVE YOU!!!” :heart: Thank you! :muah:
is “garter stitch” knit one row, purl one row? or is that stockinette?

And the pattern I talked about, I repeat that after finishing and sew them together to make it softer!

Knitting in “pattern”…would translate to
in “garter stitch” being the “pattern” you posted

On straight “needles” knitting back and forth (exchanging needles at the end of your work) would create “garter” stitch…On straight needles knit one row, purl the next row (again switching left and right needles) will create stockinette stitch.

thanks for the clarification.
The pattern is just knit all rows, until you feel like it is long enough, for a dog or a cat.
Then after you finish it, repeat it so that you have a second one, same size or a few stitches larger if you want to stuff it.
Sew it together, put the stuffing in If you want to.
And then it’s done! :woot:
The needles i’ve been using are size 11 straight needles. They work pretty well. If you want, you can prob. go larger.

You are welcome…Anytime!!:hug:glad to help

Why don’t you start a “Pet Snuggle” project? Back in the day, a group here on the Forum (Under Pet Snuggle) had a very nice group…someone starts the project, then mails to another etc etc…then donates to local animal shelter…look at all the posts…I will help

Ok! awsome! I’ll start it now!

It will be under the “charity knitting”!

There is a pattern I found for making animal beds. Plz try making this and send the pattern to others! Spread the love for animals without a home!:waah:

10 knitting needles
Worsted weight yarn
Eyelash yarn

Models were made with Lions Brand “Homespun” worsted weight yarn and “Fun Fur” eyelash yarn.

This pattern is an adaptation of the Easy Knit Snuggle Pattern.

Work with both yarns together. Cast on as many stitches as you will need for your particular size Snuggle. Then simply knit every row.

This pattern becomes more fun as you progress. It works up very fast. The resulting Snuggle is both a toy and a security mat giving its owner lots of hours of enjoyment.

When you are done, Donate to a local animal shelter or I will be giving more choices later!:hug:

Hi Moriah!
Cheley was referring to our “Oddball Pet Snuggles”, which already has a discussion thread going in the forum. That project has been going on for a few years, and we’ve knit several small blankets for animal shelter cages.
Oddball Pet Snuggles

It’s not necessary for you to join our group, unless you want to. You can just keep going with the discussion thread you have started right here. Your idea is a good one! :thumbsup:

Each person can make their own pet bed, as you suggested, and can deliver their animal bed to a shelter in their area. Quick and easy! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I am glad I can help animals! Can You send me the pattern?? Plz? Thanks! :muah:

Well, it’s not really a “pattern” per se, more like a simple garter stitch blanket.

We use 2 strands of cotton or acrylic yarn held together throughout, and cast on 72 stitches. 5 knitters take turns knitting 5 inch sections of the snuggle. You can see the blog for the Oddball Pet Snuggles here:

I’ve attached 2 photos of our Snuggles. One is completed, and the other is in progress after two knitters have worked on it.

Those are quite beautiful! It seems that cats love them already lol
I like how you’re doing it, i personally can’t send my projects places because I don’t really have the money. I am 15, in highschool, and I think I am developing Carpal Tunnal, or something… But i applaud you! :yay: :cheering:


This is a good way to use up all those odds and ends that are too small to knit anything with but you don’t have the heart to throw away. Cats love bright colors. When I was first attempting to do fair isle knitting, I practiced by making them sleeping blankets.

These animal blankets are a great way to use up yarn that’s too small to make anything but that you don’t have the heart to throw out. You can knit stripes with the remnants. Cats love color. When I first started doing fair isle knitting, I practiced by making them sleeping blankets. They have some of the prettiest in town, if I do say so myself. lol