I looked at the videos and can’t figure out how to cast on sts in the middle of my project. I tried to hold my needle with the sts in my left hand, make a circle ball end of yarn around and through the circle onto the left needle but it did’nt seem right…what am I doing wrong??? Thanks

I usually will work the knit-on when I have to cast on like that…Amy has a video of how to work this cast on on this page :thumbsup:

1–there are lots of ways to cast on, and one doesn’t work, try another.

2–there are lots of directions, and one set doesn’t work, try another.

(we all learn differently–and not all video’s are created equal!
there is nothing wrong with you… its the instructions that are at fault!)

1–you can do a simple cast on… (a simple loop of yarn on the the needle

this can create a loose messy edge… but if its going into a seam, not matter! and the edge is very stretchy (which can be a good thing (in a sleeve) or a bad thing (a purse/pocketbook strap/handle!)

2–you can do a Knit cast on, (or a cable cast on)
knit is stretchier than cable… (so both work but are you knitting a sleeve? or a handle(or something you don’t want to stretch out of shape?)

3–trickier (and not for you at this point) is a crochet cast on (and yes, you can start it in the middle of a row!)

4–others cast ons

OK so what you need to do is look at a few cast ons’

(if you don’t like/can’t get the simple loop cast on, then try a knit one!)

here is a link to my YOUTUBE video of a simple cast on.

if this doesn’t help, try looking for others… eventually you’ll find the right teacher!