Casting on

HI hope everyone good!
I have a pattern (for slippers)after the heel it says to cast on sts knit the side row then cast on sts for the other side. i have found how to cast on the before rows(then knit them then i knit the heel,) but how should i cast on the other side at the end?

Thanx Reney

Let me make sure I understand your question. Are you talking about casting on more stitches that add to knitting you already have on the needles?

If that’s it, then you could use the cable cast on or the backward loop cast on, which both have videos. I prefer the cable cast on because it’s sturdier and looks nicer (in my opinion).

yes i am trying to cast on more sts before what i have knitted and then the same amount after whati have knitted. I will try that thanks so much

Cast on the same way, turn your needle and cast on at the beginning of the row, then work across the new stitches then the old sts.