Casting on

Ok, I’m totally a little sheepish to be asking this question, but I’ll do it anyway. When I first learned to knit, I learned the long-tail cast-on first, as I suspect many people did. I learned a few others as I needed them (crochet, tubular (kind of)), but only to use when a pattern specifically asks me for them. For general casting on, I ALWAYS use long-tail, but I know there are about 800 different cast-ons, and I also know that some of them are better suited for different kinds of projects. So my question is, how do you decide what cast-on to use for what project?

Long-tail is my favorite, too, and I use it for just about everything. If a pattern calls for a knitted cast on, I’ll use it if I think it’s necessary. I made a entrelac blanket that called for the knitted cast-on and I did long-tail and discovered that the pattern was right.
Other times, I saw no advantage to doing it differently.

A few pattern types (entrelac or multidirectional) need to have a really loose cast on, or when you’re going to pick up sts in the co later on, but long tail works for most patterns. I use it about 95% of the time.

Oh, good. I kind of thought I was burying my head in the sand regarding other cast-ons, but I guess it’s not so bad after all. :-p

Thanks for asking this question. I’m a newbie knitter and have wondered why some cast on’s were recommended over other’s.
I learned long tail but my sister in law taught me backward loop cast on. She taught me by using my left hand to hold the needle and loop the yarn around my right fingers. I could not do it. I switched hands, and I could cast on. It was one of those weird brain moments.:??