Casting on?

Hi, I am very new to knittin. Actually I haven’t even been able to get my first row knit. :thinking: But I saw the videos on here and really like the double cast on. I can actually do it. :cheering: But my question is this when I start the very first cast on it comes on the needle as 2 loops. Is this correct? And when I start to knit my first row I know this is the last stitch to go on but do I treat each loop as it’s own or do I try to pick them both up together. Thanks for the help.


Yes, you should get two loops when you do the cast-on. Count each loop as a stitch.

The biggest issue for me when casting on is making sure the loops are not too tight and not too loose. If they are too tight you will have trouble knitting. Your cast-on should be able to slide back and forth relatively easily (if you pull on it) but not so easily that if you were to turn the needle point down that the stitches would fall off.


I have started casting on using two needles held together (the size that I plan on using and a smaller one) so that my cast on stitches are nice and loose. Then you just pull out the extra needle and knit as instructed. Sure made it easier for me.

Thank you very much, I will treat the original 2 loops singley, and will try not to make them too tight. That just might be my problem. I try to knit that first row and it doesn’t look right so I rip it all out and start over. :??

For what’s it worth… Im’ still fighting tension when I cast on.

(and I’ve frogged enough stuff that I should be good at cast on by now…) lol

I did it! I am very excited. I actually got 3 rows knit before I had to rip it out because of a kink in the yarn. It just started to split. This is just my practice yarn so no big deal. Thanks for the help, and yes I still have to work on that darn tension. :rollseyes:

Good for you! Give yourself time and patience–tension comes on it’s own.

I have been using the “double cast on” video and finaly got the method down after watching it about 5 times (2 a.m. is a bad time to teach yourself to knit!) My tension is REALLY tight, going to practice a bit more.
Okay so once I have a nice row of cast on stiches, I have no idea what to do next! :oops:
How to I start a row of knitting? :?? All of the videos here that show how to do knit stiches have about 6 rows already started. Is it the same method to start from cast on stiches? I am right handed and when I cast on I hold my yarn in the left hand, how does that translate in the knitting world? Is that a lefty or a righty?
Well I am off to work now, I will be back on here tonight for sure, I am super excited about knitting (kept showing off my row of cast on’s at work yesterday hehehe) :cheering:

If you hold the yarn in your left hand, you’re a continental knitter. :smiley:

If you have high speed internet access, I recommend watching Amy’s “small project” video (here). She goes through an entire small project from casting on to binding off. :thumbsup:

Once you have cast on, put the needle with the stitches on it in your left hand. As you knit them, they will transfer to the right needle. You keep doing this–knitting the stitches from the left needle to the right, then switching the ‘full’ needle into your left hand to go again.