Casting on

I just started knitting and wanted to know how I am supposed to fit 200+ cast-on stitches on one needle. I recently tried and was only able to cast-on about 150 stitches. It was not fun to work with. Hopefully someone can help me…

Circular needle. They work just like straight needles, too; when you get to the end of the row, turn and knit like you would on single pointed ones.

here are some other tricks

[B]1 [/B]–have some stitch markers handy, (simple ones cut from embroidery floss and tied into loops work well or thin slices of drinking straws are another option)

place one marker every 20 stitches… makes it easy to count!
(embroidery floss ones can be added at first count… thread the floss onto a blunt needle and you can ‘sew’ between the cast on stitches as you count! with a good length of floss, pass sewing needle between cast on stitches, cut of last 6 inches or so, tie into loop… then count out 20 more… and repeat. (you can place every 10 stitches if you want or if your knitting has a pattern repeat (every X stitches) you place every X stitches…)

[B]2[/B]–if you are using a LONG TAIL Cast On, Use 2 balls of yarn(or the center pull and the outer end of one ball)

A-tie the two yarns together into a slip knot (do not count as stitch!) leaving a medium tail (8 to 12 inches.)

B use one ball(or outer tail of ball) as thumb yarn, use 2nd ball (or inner tail) as index finger yarn.

C–When all stitches have been cast on, cut thumb yarn --leaving a 6 inch or so tail

D–continue knitting with other ball/strand of yarn.

E–when working first row, work back to slip knot and just drop it from needle… now your cast on edge is knot free! (it won’t unravel… i do it all the time!)

this way, you’ll be sure to have enough yarn for a tail with out having too much!

there are 2 extra tails to be woven in, but that is small work compared to having to redo (and redo!) a cast on because you’ve run out of tail yarn!

Oh my God, I’m reading your 2A and I’ve always counted the slip knot as a stitch. Or is it just for this purpose that you don’t count it?

i count the slip knot as a stitch, because it looks like one and acts like one. maybe if you are having problems with the cast on go for an easy pattern, that way it doesn’t matter if you are over one or under one?

of troy’s advice to not count the slip knot as a stitch only goes for using two strands to cast on with. You normally count it when you’re doing a single strand co.