Casting On

I’m new to knitting and really enjoying my first project – a fairly simple scarf. I’ve got lots of new things I want to try. One is a really pretty triangle shawl from You basically add a stich every row until you have 143 stitches. How can I fit that many stiches on a needle? I’ve also seen some patterns that call for casting on over 100 stitches. I’m sure the answer is simple – but it’s eluding me. Answers will be greatly appreciated – thanks!

I would use a circular needle, but use it LIKE a straight. You can fit LOTS more sts on a circ!

Yup, I currently have 125 stitches on a 29" circular needle. The pattern I’m using started with 17 stitches and increases one at the end of each row. That’s a lot of rows! Luckily I only have 12 left to go! :wink:

Thanks to Julie and KellyK – can’t wait to get started!
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I know that’s the way to go but I (ok I’ve said it before) enjoy working on straight needles sometimes a lot more than a circular. I have 168 stitches (an afghan) on a straight needle. I put in on my circular but it was too much trouble to keep shifting it around so I put it back on my straights. It’s just easier for me, on my hands. I guess it’s a personal thing, as time goes on and you try different needles you’ll find what you like!

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