Casting on

There’s a mitten pattern where you have to cast on one stitch in the middle of the pattern. I use one similar to Longtail, and it always starts with TWO stitches. WHAT OH WHAT DO I DO?!?! :waah:

Backward loop! Backward loop! (Amy has video in the cast on section.)

I was watching TV and i saw a woman on sitcom casting on using Backwards loop, although, then i had no idea what it was called.

I took notice because the woman was casting on so fast! It usually took me a long time…eventually i learned Backwards loop from the woman.

When i tried to cast on 30 stitches the whole thing just fell apart and i never tried backwards loop again.

It’s not the greatest cast on for the beginning of a project, but works great for adding stitches in the middle.

You only want to use backward loop to do smaller cast-ons. Doing it on a large scale is not recommended.