Casting on within the project

I am knitting a helmet liner for a friend’s H who has been sent to Afghanistan.

I’ve already done the neck region and i’m just about to start the hat portion. The directions are:

[i]Neck: With smaller circular needle, cast on 84 stitches loosely. Place marker. Join in round and knit 2x2 rib for 4 inches.

To make hat portion: With larger circular needle, knit 32 stitches off smaller needle. Leave smaller circular needle in rest of the stitches. [color=red]Cast on 59 additional stitches, [/color]place marker to mark beg of round, join in round, K even for 4".[/i]

My question is this: It says that i need to cast on additional stitches to increase the diameter of the hat. [color=blue]What would be the best method for casting on stitches that are internal to the project?[/color] I’ve always done long-tail cast ons and started at one end. Would it be best to knit-on? Or is there a better method?


I have always done the single cast on with in a project. I am not sure if it is the best or not but it was how I was taught.

Amy has a video if your not sure which that is.

I would recommend either knitting on or the cable cast on; I think they are firmer than the single cast on/thumb method.

Thank you, ladies! :slight_smile:

I think i’ll try knitting on - it intrigues me!


I always do knitting-on when I have to add stitches mid-roject…works great :thumbsup: