Casting on with Crochet Hook, not provis

Has anyone seen this method of casting on? It starts with a short tail, a slip knot on the crochet hook, and creates stitches on the needle. The edge looks similar to a chain stitch. It is not the provisional cast on, but I cannot find a description online. Or is there another cast on method you use that doesn’t create a wonky (ok, creative word here) edge?

Yes, I like this cast on - it makes the edge nice and stretchy! Another cast on you can try is the Twisted German, which is even stretchier and gives a nice edge. I use it for socks - much better than the long tail CO, IMHO.

You can find the crochet cast on in Vogue Knitting Book (that’s where I found it) and Twisted German might be here on this site.

Love the crochet CO. It goes by diff names: chain in Vogue, and in Stanley’s Knitter’s Handbook it’s BO CO. Radcliffe’s Answer Book also shows it.


Better late than never!! I love this cast-on method and started using it when I realized I could never judge the right amount of yarn to allow for when doing long-tail cast on. I either had to stop and start all over because there wasn’t enough, or I had wasted a foot of yarn - with this method, I have a very short tail and no waste.

I found a description (no pictures) here. I think this is the site I used to learn how to do this. I hope this is helpful!:slight_smile:

Here’s another link with pictures!