Casting on with 2 strands

[color=darkblue]Okay — so I’m trying to teach myself to knit and have mastered a scarf (yeah!) I’m trying out a baby blanket pattern that calls for 2 strands of yarn held tog. Any advice for the casting on the 2 strands to get started. This may be a dumb question, but do you have the 2 strands off of 2 skeins or do you use the 2 ends of the same skein?

Thanks! :notworthy: [/color][/quote]

Either one is fine - using two ends of one ball may be more convenient for portability, but two balls means you won’t have to join as often. Take your pick.

Try to ignore the fact that you’re holding two strands and just pretend they’re one, act just as for one strand.
Good luck

Everytime I try to pull from the end and center of a skein of yarn I ALWAYS get knots so if you can afford it I would use two skeins at one time. Plus, you can always find fun projects for leftover yarn.

If I am using two ends from one skein, I always unravel it, find my ends, and then rewind it so that my yarn won’t knot and tangle.

I unravel (well, make a new ball with) about 1/2 of my skein, and then use the middle to start my CO. Then I have 2 balls, but only need one skein. :slight_smile:

that’s a really good idea! I may have to try that!

Thanks everyone! Those are great pieces of advice!


It depends if you can knit the whole thing with one ball/skein or need more than one. If more than one, use 2 balls.


This is what I do too.