Casting on w/ two colours


I am new to knitting and trying to learn how to use more than one colour. The pattern I am trying to do now has sets of 14 stitches and 11 rows. My first question is how do i cast on with more than one colour? I can’t find instructions to tell me how to set up a fair isle or stranding method. my second question is what do with the string i am carrying. the first two rows of the pattern have only one colour, i cant carry the second colour that many can I? after those two rows the colours alternate back and forth, so any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much,
Kem :thinking:

Did you look at the videos on KH?

You only cast on with one color. When the second color becomes part of the pattern, you start working with that color, too. You don’t need to carry any colors across any row in which it’s not being used.