Casting on two colors?

I’ve wanted to start on a hat for a while, and I just got my yarn. I wanted to use<–that pattern. The problem is, I have no idea how to cast on using more than one strand. I watched all of the videos on this site, but I haven’t noticed anything that covered this. I’ve never made anything more complex than a scarf. :blush:

I found something online about German twisted cast ons, or something like that, but the pictures and descriptions confuse me. :frowning:


When you knit/cast on with two strands, its really the same as one. Just hold two strands together in your hand and treat it like one. Each loop will have two strands of yarn in it when you finish casting on.

So, will both of the strands be twisted as one when you cast on, or will each loop look like two strands next to eachother? I’ve tried this so many times, but each time I keep thinking I must be doing something wrong.

Thank you for helping me. :slight_smile:

Tailea, I was just reading the pattern, in this pattern you cast on one color, just holding 2 strands of that color together, since it’s knit with 2 strands held together thru out, the 2 strands that are held together are the same color. When the pattern reads to cast on 38sts of MC, that is referring to one color, you change to your other color on row 2 where it states, “*Using CC, k36, turn. K to end.”…the CC refers to your other color.
MC=main color
CC=contrast color
Does that help in any way?!

You don’t have to twist them together. Just hold them and knit with them. Each stitch will have two loops in it. Put you needle through both, and after a while it’ll feel like regular knitting to you.

Thank you both SO much! I feel like a huge idiot… :doh: I’ve never used a pattern before, so I didn’t understand the avbreviations. I get it now, and I’m about half way done.

I’ll post pics once I’m finished. :slight_smile:

PLEASE don’t every say you feel like an idiot!!! We all have questions about knitting at one time or another, there was absolutely nothing odd about your question!! So, please remember, we ALL ask questions, okay :wink: ?! If you look on the page on Knitty where the pattern is, you will see an area before the pattern that states something like …you can find Knitty abbreviations here and the ‘here’ will link you to the abbreviations.
I’ve been knitting a bit over a year and run into abbreviations that I don’t have a clue as to what it means…then I will just look it up…or ask someone :smiley: ! Happens to all of us :wink: …the important thing is to have fun knitting the hat and jump in and ask any old question…there’s no such thing as a dumb question!! Have fun!!

Rebecca’s right! No questions are dumb. We’ve all had them. In fact, it’s interesting to see how often the same questions come up. I know I had all of them when I started!

Thanks guys. :smiley: I came pretty close to finishing the hat, but my hand started getting sore, so I stopped. I spent about 10 hours straight on it so far, and since I haven’t been knitting long my hands aren’t used to it!

LOL, honey…get used to those sore hands!! Once I get started on a project I like I get ‘tunnel vision’ and don’t realize my hands hurt and keep knitting bc it’s fun!! But…All kidding aside…it is very important to take breaks and don’t let them start hurting too badly. Just rub them and do something else for a few minutes. I have that problem but, it’s also bc I have to use crutches a great deal of the time (have for many years) and they have made my hands hurt, so the knitting will increase that; I stop & rub them & put my hand in a hot wax bath every week…but that’s bc I’m spoiled and my sweet husband surprised me with one a couple of months ago :wink: !!

that’s the coolest hat evar. Must try… umm… later :lol: