Casting On Trouble

Hi friends!

So I have been knitting for a few months now and never really had this problem until recently - I can’t cast on right anymore!

I use the long-tail method, but I’ve been having the same issue with a couple of other cast on methods as well.

I cast on just fine, and I knit the first row just fine. I always include one extra cast on stitch so I can drop it at the end of the first row to eliminate that huge loop that always happens. My problem is when I start to knit the second row from the cast on. The stitches don’t slide to the right-hand needle like they normally should. It’s almost like they get stuck and start to pull on each other. I don’t know why all of a sudden this started happening to my knitting and I am very sad about it. Any suggestions? :shrug:

I’ve attached a couple of photos of what’s going on if this makes it any easier! :??

After you knit the first row, do the stitches look twisted? I’m wondering if you somehow started wrapping the yarn clockwise when you cast on. I hope someone can help you figure this out.

It might also be that you’ve started knitting on the tips of your needles. Make sure when you wrap the yarn around the needle that you’re on the barrel or fattest part of the needle.