Casting on to a belt ring

please help me with the cast on method I should use to make a belt with belt ring. I have tried without success . I need to cast on 8 stitches.
Thank you, Debbie Richardson

Wouldn’t you cast on, knit the belt portion, then loop over the belt ring and seam it?? :thinking:

thread the yarn through the ring from back to front, position your hands and yarn for a long tail cast on and have the ring in your palm. the yarn should form a “V” shape, kind of like how it looks when you start your cast on with a needle. then for the actual first cast on stitch, you need to catch the yarn right in front of the ring and complete the stitch as normal. this should then form 2 stitches on your needle and one loop around the ring. the key now is to pass the tail yarn through the ring from front to back, reposition your hands as for the cast on and then make the next stitch in the usual fashion. by passing the tail yarn each time from front to back after a stitch, you are able to get the ring in the cast on row. you will wind up with eight stitches on your needle but only 7 around the ring.

Here’s another explanation: Knitty Gritty Belt Episode

Sometimes it helps to hear the same thing in different words. :thumbsup: