Casting on technique

I’m a beginner, but was exploring different options to cast on for a blanket. I like the look of the knit on method and that it isn’t necessary to estimate a tail length as for long-tail method. However, I don’t want to make a knot, slip knot or otherwise in the corner of a baby blanket. I thought a reasonable solution might be to start the cast on like Amy does for long tail method, using the two stitch starter, and then cast on the remaining stitches using the knit on method, thus avoiding a knot. Does anyone see a problem with doing this? I want to start on this project soon, but also want to do it right the first time! Thanks in advance :blush:

I don’t see a problem with that for a blanket. Maybe someone else has tried it though and let us know. :thumbsup:

Whee! I do appreciate that, and if it doesn’t fall apart two rows in, I will for sure, for sure follow up and let you know!