Casting On - Tactics

Hi all.

I was wondering if any of you had any tactics you use for casting on. I started a pattern the other night that called for 166 stitches cast on and I kept losing count whenever someone would talk to me or if the phone rang.

Is there any way to avoid this? Are there methods of counting how many stitches you cast on?

Yes, put a stitch marker on the needle every 20 sts. Then you count the sections 20-40-60, etc… btw, I don’t bother to count until I think I’ve got enough on. Then I count by 4s and figure out if I’m over or need another 20 or something.

I cast on a bunch then count by 5’s and see where I am at.

Yes, all those suggestions plus - I always wear an extremely “furrowed brow” while casting on so my family knows not to come near me! “She’s counting!” my 5 year-old cries!

I don’t even stop and count until it looks like I have more than I calculated. Most of the time, I have less, but then it’s easy to count off what I need. I don’t use stitch markers unless I"m casting on an insanely large number of stitches, like for the scarf in [I]Knit Scarves[/I] that called for casting on 400 stitches. Then, I placed a marker after every 50 stitches.