Casting on stitches after the thumb gusset

I’m making mittens and I’ve just put the stitches on a holder for the thumb and am now casting on 4 stitches. I’m using the cable cast on method, but I have a long thread between the old stitches and the new ones? Is this normal. Also the pattern says to join the stitches after casting on. Not sure what that means. Thanks for the help Cleo

:teehee: I haven’t made mittens/gloves since last year so I’m trying to remeber…

I think it could be your CO that is causing the long thread between the sts… I’m pretty sure I always used the back ward loop CO…it could also be that you didn’t pull it tight enough when you first started…

They just want you to join all the thumb sts like you did at the beginning when you joined for the cuff…:thumbsup:

Using a backwards loop CO will sometimes cause the long thread. A knitted or cable CO is much tighter and doesn’t leave the slack yarn.

If you will be picking them up later you might like to use a provisioanl cast-on to reduce bulk. Maybe try two different methods, one on each item, and see which you prefer?

I usually use backward loop, but cast on 2 more stitches than it says to. Then, on the following round, I k2tog the first backward loop stitch with the original stitch preceding it, and also k2tog the last backward loop cast on stitch with the original stitch next to it. It tightens up the join really nicely.

When you use the backward cast on at the thumb , when you go to knit those cast on do you knit in the front or the back of the loop?? Would love to know. Thanks

Ann Marie
Braintree, MA USA

Knit them so there’s a twist at the base of the stitch, it makes them a little firmer.