Casting on Socks

I have seen a lot of patterns that show to use a cable cast on for socks. is this critical or will a reguar long tail cast on work generally? does it matter really?

I am by no means close to knowing the right answer, but in my limited experience, long tail has worked for me. I am about 3/4 of the way done with my first five socks (yes five, I have a very short attention span!) and I used long tail cast on for all of them. The one thing I have noticed is the top cuff of the sock where I casted on is not very neat looking, so maybe the long tail cast on is what is causing the problem.

I would recommend either casting onto a needle size 2 sizes larger than recommended (then switching to the correct needle size once you start knitting), OR casting on over two needles so that the first row of stitches are bigger and therefore stretchier. You don’t want to finish a sock only to not be able to get it over your foot. Making the cuff stretchy is crucial.

well that’s easy enough. well i will just try to wrap my brain around a new cast on and we’ll see…otherwise it is back to the long tail dernit! :wink:

I just use the long-tail method. I try to make sure that I’ve cast on loosely by having a bit of space between each of the cast-on stitches.

I hope you didn’t think from my post that I used something other than long tail cast on. I do, I just cast onto two needles held together or a larger needle size. I did read just yesterday when reading through one of Stephanie Pearl-Mc…something (ya know, the Yarn Harlot) books that you should not use the ‘knit on’ cast on method because it produces too firm of an edge.

:smiley: 90% of the time I use the regular long tail co, casting on very loosely. The other 10% is usually cable cast on…I like them both, but there’s really not that much difference in my socks with either cast on :wink: