Casting on so you never run out of yarn!

You need to have either two balls of yarn or a ball that you can pull from both ends.

Put the two ends together and tie a slip knot in the ends, insert needle and CO as usual! Use as much yarn as needed and when you are done, you just cut one of the strings.

Can I get a Woot!??

I guess I should add that I am excited about this because I had to CO 211 stitches and I had to FROG it at least a dozen times because I ran out of tail!

Slip knit them together as one? or slip knot each and place both on needles separately? I’m having a difficult time visualizing…

There is a Knitty Gritty episode where Lily Chin recommends “purling on” the remaining stitches when you run out of tail. It matches the long-tail cast-on very closely, and you don’t have that extra tail to worry about.

It’s like the “knitting on” technique that Amy demonstrates, except you purl instead of knit.

I have used the technique a lot and have been very happy with it.

I’ve been using a purling cast on from the get go and it leaves a chain edge very much like a BO. Closest CO I’ve seen to matching a BO.


Oh yes, I saw this episode and thought how great that tip alone was!

What is a BO?

Yes, you slip knot them together as one. Like if you were tying two strings together, but you make a slip knot instead.

Here are some pics:

Put the two ends together:

Tie them together in a slip knot: (the two “balls” on the left would be your two sources of yarn. I am using scrap yarn.)

Insert needle:

Cast on, pulling yarn from two sources:

Can someone explain how to purl on after you have CO? I think I saw that episode, but don’t remember exacty how to do it.

Can someone explain how to purl on after you have CO? I think I saw that episode, but don’t remember exacty how to do it.

Here’s where you can read instructions (and see picts) of this technique.

I always use two balls when I have a lot of stitches to cast on, too.

When using the two ball cast on do you count those two slip stitches as your first two stitches so that when you go to knit you knit the two individually?

yes, Kathy, each one is a seperate stitch.

What is a BO?

Bind off - cast off.


:cheering: Thank you for sharing this, what I great idea! :cheering:

Meg Swansen (Elizabeth Zimmermann’s daughter) suggests switching the tail for the working yarn and continue on. It works very well if you’re only 10 stitches or so short.

My knitting instructor JUST told me about this method, but I couldn’t quite “see” it. Thank you for the picks; it makes sense now. :cheering:

I wish I had this info last night. I kept ripping my CO because I ran out of tail :lol:

I just don’t use long-tail cast-on except for socks. :shrug:

I wrap the yarn around the needle the number of stitches I need to cast on, go a little bit further, and do the long-tail from there.

My favorite cast-on is cable cast-on.

I don’t know why, but cable CO is my favorite too.