Casting on questions

When I cast on I always have some of the tail left over, what am I supposed do do with the string?Often when I dont have the any of the tail it slips off when im knitting???


You should have the tail end of the yarn haging from the cast on edge. You weave the end into the finished knitting to secure and hide it. Here’s a video to show you a way to do that.

There should be some tail leftover, about 3-6", but more is okay. You can weave in the end later when you’re done.

I usally knit the tail in with the first 3 or 4 stitches, then drop it and let it hang while I knit the rest of the pattern. If I have a long piece left, I’ll cut it to about 6 inches so I’ll have enough to sew in and hide.

If it is really important for my pattern that I know the difference between right side and wrong side, then I will pull the tail through a loop on the right side and tie a loose bow so it doesn’t come lose until I want it to. Gotta get all the bang for my buck that I can!

I think figuring out how much tail to use when casting on is one of the trickiest parts of knitting. I always have way too much or have to start over a couple times because I didn’t give myself enough.