Casting on question

This is a terrific board/website and I’m so glad to find yall. Just joined the other day. I’ve had some changes lately, all good, that should give me more time to crochet, knit, etc. You all are very inspiring and movitating!

My question is, does the slip stitch count as a cast on? If my pattern says to cast on 39, do I really only do 38 because of the slip stitch? I’m using the “sling-shot” method to cast on but I would guess there’s a slip stitch with any method.

I’m sure you mean ‘slip knot’ rather than ‘slip stitch’ when casting on. Yes a slip knot counts as a stitch. Any way shape or form that you create a loop around that needle during your cast on will be counted as a stitch. I had a hard time understanding that too when I first started. When you are done casting on double count and make sure the number of loops attached to your needle is the number the pattern calls for you to cast on.

Thank you! yes, I meant slip knot.

there are a few cast ons that DON’T use the slip knot stitch…

the directions for those cast ons will inform you.

UNLESS otherwise directed, you count all the stitches–including the slip knot.

you can make a simple twisted loop of sling shot (aka Long Tail cast on) too, and not have a knot!.

Thank you both for the help. I finally gave up on what I was working on this weekend, but not because of how many to cast on. Mostly because it was so tight I was having to really work to get the right needle into the loop with the left. I’m going to try again later. Plus I’m ordering the DVD from this website and I know that help. Thanks again!

Some people find that their cast on sts are tight and use a needle larger than they will be knitting with. Or use the 2 needles together, then pull one out when they’re done casting on. Also, when you CO, you don’t have to pull the yarn really tight.

Thank you Sue. I’ll will try casting on with bigger needles. I’m looking forward to getting the DVD because I’m not even sure I’m holding the needles right. It’s on it’s way.

Should I be clicking on the “thank you” everytime I want to thank someone?