Casting on Question

I know there is a way of casting on and working the tail end into the knitting so as not to need to sew it in, I just can’t remember how to do it. Could anyone tell me how to?
Thank you.

i always just cast on and then knit a few stitches with the tail so it is worked in.

Just use the long-tail cast on, and when you start knitting your first row use both the working end of your yarn and the tail end of your yarn together, as though it was one strand, for the first 4-5 stitches. Then, drop the tail end and just keep on with the working yarn. When you come to those stitches on the return row, they will each have 2 loops on the needle because you used both strands, just be sure that you work those 2 loops as one stitch. You will then be able to cut that end without needing to weave it in. I usually leave a 3/4" tail just to be sure it won’t unravel or pop through to the front.

Thank you very much - I knew it was something like that but couldn’t remember exactly.

[color=indigo]I alternate using my tail and working yarn when knitting the first row. It makes a nice even edge. [/color]