Casting On Purl sts?

Is this possible? I’ve researched it online and have only found 2 websites and the first one doesn’t have a video and the second one loses me on the last manuever - of course.

So I’m starting the collar on my sweater. I’ve had 32 live sts (right side facing) that I put on the needle after sewing up the shoulders. Then I’m to pick up 14 sts, then 42 sts, then another 14 sts.

The next instruction is this: [B]Turn and cast on 32 sts[/B]. for a total of 134 sts. [B]This puts me on the purl side (or wrong side)[/B] of the sweater which leads me to believe I have to cast on purl sts and I have absolutely no idea of how to do this!!!

Can anyone help me?

So you are casting on to work already on the needle right? That would mean the easiest way to cast on in progress is to use cable cast on, backward loop or knit on. I think you can do a purl cast on like the knitted one, but purling instead. I also think you can do the cable cast on as a purl by coming in through the back, but I’m not sure. :think:

You don’t have to cast on in purls to do this, the knit or cable cast on will work. There is a way to cast on purlwise - it’s like the knit CO but you purl into the stitch and put the new one one the left needle. It tends to be a little loose though.