Casting on new stitches after a moss/seed pattern row

I have a pattern for baby booties that requires me to finish a row using the moss/seed pattern, and then “cast on 8 stitches” at the end of that same row. It doesn’t say to m1, just cast on.

Does that mean I use a second piece of wool to cast on these new stitches? Or is there a way to use the wool attached to my knitting to keep casting on?

I can’t find instructions on this technique anywhere, but am familiar with casting on.

Help, please?

Seeing the pattern might be good, but based on what you said I would recommend you turn the work to the beginning of the next row (end of row and beginning of the next are bascially the same thing) and use a knitted on or cable cast on to add the new stitches. You don’t need to use new yarn to do that just what you have been working with. See the “View Videos” tab above and select “Cast-on” from the drop down menu for how to do it.