Casting on more stitches to a five inch piece (back)

pattern says: shape sleeves: Cast on 34 stitches at the beginning of the next 2 rows. 120 stitches. Continue on these stitches until the knitting measures 7 in. ending with a purl row.

I have knitted 5 inches of the back of a baby sweater. On which needle do I cast on these new :?? stitches? How do I do this?

I am a newly self taught knitter. Be kind. Thanks. LMC

:smiley: We’re always kind. See my smiling face?

What I would do is Backward Loop cast on on the end of the needle holding your stitches. I’d knit across those, then the body, and then I’d cast on the rest. Yes, you will have one more row knitting on the one sleeve, but I don’t see that it’ll make much difference, and it’s really the only way I can think of to do this without having to reconnect yarn.

thank you Ingrid for your “kind” reply. However, when I clicked on Backward Loop the message/explaination came in in gobbleygoop writing…how to get it in direct English?

PS what does BBCode mean?
Do I need to have HTML on?

I tried the link again, it should come up a video. If not, then you can look at this.

Html may need to be on, but that’s certainly not my area of expertise by any means.

i think I did it! I curled the yarn around my right index finger and brought the left needle through the loop at my fingernail (back of the loop) and added to the left needle! Wow. Now I guess I do the same at the start of the next row which will be on the purl side of the work. ? Yes?

This is so nice to have this help available!! I am SO VERY appreciative! Thank you from the bottom of my :heart:

Like I said I am new to knitting. Do knitters talk to crocheters too? Could show some of that work I’ve done. Or is this just for knit things? I have a cute photo of my grandbabies wearing too big for them yet sweaters that were my first endeavors after a scarf!

thanks again. : :wink:

One of the mod/geeks will be sure to correct me if I’m wrong, but BBCode is bulletin board coding… that’s how we get the [size=6]big letters[/size] and the [color=red]coloured letters[/color]. Having HTML on would allow you to use HTML coding to format your post. It’s basically all geek stuff, and I just leave it at the defaults! :smiley:

:cheering: Yeah, we let crocheters in, too. :rofling:

Oy! at the purl end I added the stitches the same way I casted them on at the knit end of the work. But this time a long piece of yarn occurred each time between stitches getting longer as I went and when I finally reached the body of the work I have this long loop that hangs under the arm pit of the work where this new sleeve row joins the body/back. Now what? Can it be cut off and fed into the other stitches/hiding it thus? I did try starting over once and pulling tighter as I went but this strand still developed on it’s own accord. Nu?

Also, how do you get your cat to stop attacking any hanging strand :XX: :XX: of yarn?

It’s hard to say what happened without seeing it, but if that part is going to be seamed, you can probably pull it tight and stitch it in with the seam.

As for the cat, well, when you figure that one out, let us all know!!

Okay, I will try tucking it in to the side seam/underarm seam when the time comes. There must be a way to add on stitches like this without having the extra length between them…but I will live and learn.

I am ever grateful I found this site and you wonderfully helpful folks.
I went to Michaels after our talks and got some fun yarns on sale!
Looked at knitting books too.

Are there beginners here that have some favorite books? Is the Knitting for Dummies book helpful? I got $75 in gift cards from Barnes and Nobles for the holidays so can go pretty crazy! All ideas welcomed.

Then I got the cat some new toys and a pad to rub on that you fill with catnip. I hope that keeps him happy for a while, while I knit on!