Casting on more stitches in pattern

Hi! I have been knitting for a little while, but I have come to something that is probably so simple, but has me stumped! I am doing a sweater in the round from the book “Top down for Toddlers” by Cabin Fever. So far it has been a breeze, but now I am at the point where I am seperating the arms from the body so I can continue the body. Once I have the arms on some extra “holding yarn”, the instructions call for me to “knit to underarm and cast on 5 stitches” How do I do I cast on in the middle of the pattern? I have taken the arms off onto holders and have knit to the underarm, but I am stuck, I can’t go any further. I looked at the videos from the website, but couldn’t find how to do this. Any help would be appreciated!

look at the cast on videos. i think the favorites for doing this are the backwards loop or the knitting on methods. one of them should work for you! :thumbsup:

That is perfect, thanks so much!! And thanks for answering so quickly! Ds is dying for me to get this sweater done, he picked the yarn out himself :teehee:

awww…make sure you post pics!