Casting on more stitches during knitting

I’m knitting a bonnet which I found on your site… under baptismal gown…
Row23 says: Repeat row 3 and cast on 12 sts
Row 24 says: Purl and cast on 12 sts…

So, do I literally cast on more stitches as I knit? If so, how do I do this?

Thanks for your knowledge and help.


Work row 23 to the end. Then pass the needle from your right hand to your left hand and cast on the extra 12sts. You can use a cable or a knitted cast on (see Free Videos at the top of the page, Cast Ons).
Then work the sts on the left hand needle as usual and when you get to the end, repeat the process. Pass the needle with the sts from right hand to left and cast on 12 sts and continue working this row.
How lovely to make a christening gown! Good luck with it.

Thanks, Salmonmac, hopefully, I’ll get it. : ):teehee:

You’ll see how it works when you get there. Some things in knitting are hard to ‘see’ in your head, but when you go to do them with the needles and yarn in your hand, they make sense.